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Pumping stations

BOAtech’s pumping stations are delivered as a turnkey solution on a foundation, ready for connection. The pumping stations are built either with a concrete or plastic foundation. They are constructed in such a way that you can move them without major damage, if necessary.

In addition to our standard pumping stations, BOAtech also manufactures many different types of pumping stations. If you have special requirements regarding the construction of your pumping station, you are welcome to contact us so that we can find a solution that suits you. With our own design studio, we can design and manufacture exactly the solution needed to solve a task.

Since 2002, BOAtech has manufactured, delivered and installed pumping stations and other tailor-made solutions for i.a. Grundfos.

In addition to pumping stations, we offer:

  • Lining of existing wells (Hardliner)
  • Lining of existing wells (Softliner)
  • Stainless steel pipe systems
  • Plastic pipe systems
  • Valve cabinets
  • Valve top solutions
  • Aluminium covers
  • Manhole covers
  • Carbon filter units
  • Ejectors
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