Boatech Fryserammer Topslide

Freezing frames and freezing trays

Since we developed the first aluminium freezing frame in 1972, BOAtech has designed and manufactured freezing frames and freezing trays for freezing fish, shellfish, meat and similar products. Our freezing frames are exceptionally hygienic, have excellent dimensional stability, have a long service life, and are preferred by many customers all over the world.

Our freezing frames are uniquely: 

rigid – accurate – durable – easy to handle – easy to clean.

Our standard 16.5 lbs freezing frames for fillet blocks can be supplied in the following versions and profile types:


  • Single frames
  • Double frames
  • Double frames side-by-side (Norwegian)

Profile types:

  • Super E – 59
  • Super U-59
  • Regular E-59
  • Regular U-59

The frames come with loose or fixed bottoms, depending on the customer's wishes.

In addition to standard frames, we can custom-make frames with lengths and widths that meet customer requirements in the following profile types.

We can also supply profiles according to customers’ requirements.

We have supplied freezing frames and freezing trays to customers all over the world for many years. We manufacture our freezing frames and freezing trays in aluminium and stainless steel, and we deliver the best quality, emphasising hygiene, dimensional stability and a long service life.

Other freezing equipment:

We can also deliver a large selection of related equipment for handling, emptying and washing freezing frames and trays. 


Fryserammer 1

Fryseramme 2